Progress through discourse among people with contrasting points of view

Humans, without the help of others, try to ascertain solutions to various conundrums and esoteric problems presented in front of them. This kind of indefatigable behaviour has always helped humans to progress and excel, but at times this method may end into a complete fiasco. However, there is another method by the means of which a person can test the short-comings of his theory. This is the method of dialogue and discourse among people with contrasting points of view, which promises to find a solution to the problem in a much shorter period of time.

The method of discourse among people with contrasting points of view rather than people with complying points of view is generally preferred, because many new opinions come into existence when people with contradicting views communicate. These new ideas which were earlier, either unknown or overlooked can be exploited to find out new results and solutions to an abstruse problem. In addition to this, by discussing a problem one can get familiarised with difficulties that the other person has faced while forming his theory, and also the methods which were unsuccessful in finding out a solution to that particular problem. Furthermore, new postulates that one comes to know by the means of a discourse, may at times substantially consolidate his theory, thus providing him a much stronger reason to continue working in that direction. Citing an example to buttress the above stated facts, the recent recession problem had been troubling USA and other European countries, whereas some countries like India were least affected by this problem. In order to find out a solution for this economic depression, and to assure a high rate of economic growth, a meeting between the leaders of various countries was called. The Indian Prime Minister, Mr Manmohan Singh, presented the postulates by the dint of which India could strengthen its monetary policy and could resist the dire impacts of recession. Moreover, by the means of discussion with various leaders, he could suggest various measures which could help the European countries to emancipate themselves from the ill-impacts of recession. Thus one can infer that, different countries with different monetary policies possessed different points of view, however; a solution to the problem of recession could be ascertained only by the dint of discussion among the leaders of various countries.

Hence, in summary; a great deal of progress can be made when people with contrasting points of view communicate. The method explained above not only helps to find out a sure-shot solution to a particular problem, but also helps to ascertain the shortcomings and some common pitfalls that can hinder the success of a person or an institution in the long run.

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In any situation, progress requires discussion among people who have contrasting points of view.

Every individuality has different views for any particular thing. A half empty glass for you can be a half filled glass for some other people. Human kind try to solve their problem on their own, but sometime only failure accompanies them as they failed to recognize other sides of the problem. It is always good to take second opinion about any problems or issues. The simplest solution for this is having discussion and conversation with those people who have different opinions towards that issue. This enables to acknowledge every pros and cons of any problem and consequently leads towards the successful solution.

The method of discourse with people who have belied points of view are more preferred rather than having discussion with those who comply the same point of view, because many new opinion will be presented and innovative ideas will be generated after the discussion. This helps to dig out all weaknesses of problem and find out new perspectives to overcome those problem. Apparently, such regime will enlighten those matter-of-facts which were either unknown for a while or overlooked. Having known all the aspects of any issue is prime factor to avoid difficulties in a way of progress. To buttress foretasted fact, take an example of MNC ( Multinational Companies), a company has number of branches in a different countries, even though all monetary policies and system is unique, behavior of profits and loss varies from country to country. To contemplate on such issue, chairman of the MNC helds an annual meeting of all the senior executives to emphasize on concerned problems. All the executives presents their cognizance regarding the issue and scrutinizing all the reports chairman of the company makes salutary changes in the system if needed. Thus, one can infer that different countries have different policies, and to deal with them company must have different policies for their branches, and hence a final solution can be drawn out after discussing briefly on the issue with different people.

In realm of Science and technology, any research cannot be complete without knowing its flaws and errors. People used to believe that atom is the prime indivisible factor of any body, and cannot be further divided. But now atom has three prime particles called : electron, proton, neutron. Yet, many belied views exist about theory of atom and research is still going on. There is no doubt in few years the structure of atom would be totally different than what we know. Hence, contradict view circulates human brain’s to question the veracity of present belief, and new ideas are generated at the end of deep analysis which leads to a complete solution.

Recapitulating facts, human tend to think in a different way and there are millions of views to look at any thing. It is only possible to succeed in any field if one is aware of strength and weaknesses. Indirectly, discussion with people who thinks differently will help to see the issue differently and that is essential and beneficial factor of progress.

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