Prograssive forms

Hi Teachers,

I came across this sentence in the lesson “Progressive Forms”.

I guess, this sentence referring to future = would be flying to Madrid tomorrow

if she had a holiday.
why had is used here = past tense?

Would any of the following be acceptable ?

1)if she is having a holiday.
2)if she’ll be having a holiday.
3)if she would be having a holiday.

if not WHY?


It is a second conditional - if and past + would.
It is expressing the unlikely/impossible… if my wife had a holiday (but she doesn’t) she would be flying to Madrid tomorrow.

Zero conditional - regular or general truth - if my wife has a holiday she goes to Madrid.
first conditional - possible - if my wife has a holiday (it’s possible, but not certain), she will fly to Madrid tomorrrow.
second conditional -
third conditional - in the past - if my wife had had a holiday, she would have flown to Madrid yesterday.

that’s just a very basic outline, but i hope it helps.

thanks for the help !

Can you provide some links, where I can learn more on Conditionals

Learner_2010 - search “conditionals”