Problem versus Matter

Dear teachers,

Could you tell me the differenc entw “problem” and “matter”? Give me an example?

Why you say:
It is a matter of learning the collocations.

but not:
It is a problem of learning the collocations.

Are they interchangeable?

I think problem is not appropriate here.
I’d rephrase It is a matter of learning the collocations into

It’s a question of learning the collocations( as synonymous)
Am I right, Amy?

Matter and problem can be interchangeable,for example, in such sentences

What’s the matter?
What’s the problem?

Hi Quoc

Pamela is quite right. The word matter can mean problem, or it can mean topic, or it could mean question.

In your sentence, the word matter is not interchangeable with problem.

I agree with Pamela’s rephrasing (i.e., using the word question).