Printed book disappear in 20 years??

Some people think that printed books will be still the mainstream in the future publishing, at least in twenty years since these traditional books are very convenient and strictly censored. Other people claim that electronic books, so called e-books, will take the traditional books ’ position to become the dominant books in the future. This issue is a controversial one but closer examination reveals that printed book will disappear in twenty years as the saying goes, " Diamond cuts diamond".

One reason is that e-books contain a larger amount of contents than printed books. With a small tool, students can store a wide variety of books, ranging from science to fiction,literature. The printed books, however, only show specific knowledge. That is because, e-books have memory cards which enable the facility contain abundant of contents. As a result, students only need to carry a light facility which is much convenient than a the printed books.

Another reason is that e-books help students save time and effort to search for appropriate books. For example, they only need an Internet connection and access to webpage which introduce the right book and download it into the e-book. The students do not have to go to book store; they just stay at home and click on the book they want. By the time students save, they can study more on the disciplines. By no means do students keep utilizing printed books once they know advantages of e-books.

Last but not least, e-books help students get in touch with the latest knowledge. Printed books often go through a strict censorship before coming to public; moreover, printing books takes a lot of time. As a result, students may suffer such lag time and they might not take advantages of the latest information. On the contrary, e-books only take few days once the writer finished the content, affording students the most updated knowledge.

In summary, e-books provide students with much more knowledge, save time and effort as well as latest information. These helps are of considerable help to student to progress academically. For those aspects , I strongly believe that students will use e-books, instead of printed books, in the next twenty years.

Quite a tough topic!
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