Print off vs. print out

Hello, may I ask another question? What is the difference between print out and print off? Thanks in advance.

No significant difference that I can find, Spearhead, though print out (22 million Google hits) is used 10 times as often as print off (2 million hits).


Print off means to print a photo, to copy an article etc. (How many copies do you want printed off?)

Print out means to print data on a printing device (The machine will print out the results of the calculation).

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I don’t think the meanings are that distinct, Sidle Jinks. Here are a few quotes from the WWW:

[i]Print out these free birthday party invitations, then print out a free envelope to cut out and glue.

Print out your own route maps, state maps, city maps,
airport maps and national parks.

Simply print off and keep by clicking on any of the topics below that interest you

Anyone know how to print off just the full list of subjects ?


As you can see, these examples cross beyond the definitions you have set.

Thank you for your explanation, Mister Micawber!