Present Continuous

Hello everyone,
Here is a topic you can practice Present Continuous tense.

I am writing a comment.
Is she cleaning her room?
He is always arguing with me!
It’s getting dark.
I’m having a lunch.
Are you phoning?
I get up at 7 o’clock but this week I’m getting up at 8.
I’m playing football in Saturday.

Please correct my mistakes.

I’m having lunch (it’s uncountable in this sense).
I’m playing football on Saturday.

I am having dinner with one of my friend.
Chris and Agnes are having a shower right now.
Somebody is mowing the grass. I can hear it.
He is not swimming.
They are running through the forest.
The wind is blowing easily. (I think it’s not right but I’m just trying.)
I’m trying to speak in English in my mind. Some people say this is a good way to learn speaking.

That’s all. Have a nice afternoon.

I am having dinner with one of my friends.

Perhaps you mean one of these:
The wind is blowing gently.
The wind is blowing steadily.

I’m surfing on the Internet.
Are you eating sharp soup?
Is she taking a bath?
I’m blowing the candles on my birthday.
They are lying on the lawn.
Is she washing the dishes at the kitchen?

“Sharp soup”? Did you mean “shark soup”?

I’m blowing the candles out on my birthday cake.

Is she washing the dishes in the kitchen?

Yes, I mean shark soup.
It seems to me I have a problem with prepositions. Could you give me a link about using prepositions? I have seen many descriptions about using it but probably I can’t use it.

Just Google
“English using prepositions”
and browse the links to find one suitable.
That’s what I would do in order to provide you with a link.

I am reading a book.
Your mother is preparing the dinner.
I’m going to Florida on Saturday.
They are flying to Canada.
We are drinking a beer.
Is she swimming?
Are they listening to the radio?
Is Jane watching TV?
Bob is having lunch.
Is Judy taking a shower?
Are we meeting at eleven o’clock on Sunday?

We are drinking beer - unless you are sharing the same one.

I never share my beer.

Never share your beer.
I never lend my car.
Never - I say - never share girls. :smiley:
I’m not selfish.

We are drinking Scotch whiskey.
Are you watching TV?
She is gardening.
They are running through the forest.
I’m writing some sentences.
Are you hungry?
Aren’t you thirsty? You have run a lot. You look like thirsty.
(The last two sentences isn’t present continuous.)

The last sentence should be ‘You look thirsty’.

‘Whiskey’ is often spelled ‘Whisky’, especially when speaking of the Scotch variety, so don’t be confused if you see both forms.

I think this sentence could be better punctuated like this:
Never — I say, never — share girls!

Hello everyone,

They are walking down the street.
I am not drinking anything.
Tom is shaking Chris’s hand. (When you meet somebody.)
My mother is ironing my red shirt.
It’s pouring with rain.
There are a lot of flyer birds.
I’m wearing glasses while I drive.
She’s arguing with her boyfriend.
We are having lunch at the moment.

The only one of those that doesn’t make sense to me is this:
There are a lot of flyer birds.
Perhaps you mean:
There are a lot of flying birds.
This would more commonly be written:
There are a lot of birds flying (over head/ through the sky, etc.)

Thank you for the correction.

Here are some another present continuous sentences:

Is she sleeping now?
I’m playing football on Sunday.
Are they making sandwiches?
He is preparing lunch.
We are just sitting in the living room.
Aren’t you working? Why not?
The repairman is repairing a car.

Here are some other
Here is another… (‘another’ indicates one, not more than one. You cannot use it with ‘some’.)

The sentences themselves are okay.

Thank you.
I can learn a lot from your responses. Your last sentence is interesting.

I’m reading an interesting blog. Its name is NeverSeconds. A primary school’s pupil takes pictures about her lunches and uploads them to the blog.