Hi can somebody help regarding the prepositions, such as the following sentences, what is the correct answer? they are : 1. He came_____the salon looking quite different. (OUT OF, FROM OUT OF, BY)2. He asked me to sit_____ the commitee.(BY;FOR THE;ON;) 3. I was_____ the roadside to joburg. (ON;BY;AT;IN)4. Open the book______ page 01(FROM;AT;BY;). 5. Close the door_______ so we can talk.(IN;UP;) 6 . Put him_____for the night. 7.i’ll do it ______ the weekend.(OVER;ON;AT;)

the words on brackets are the answers to choose from.

Hello Charles,

What answers would you give?
(Number 6 doesn’t seem to have any choices whilst neither of the choices for number 5 are good. The use of ‘roadside’ rather than ‘road’ seems strange in number 3. A roadside doesn’t actually go anywhere.)

“Whilst,” Bev? Whyyyyyyyyy? lol

A 40-something-year-old habit for which I shan’t apologise. :stuck_out_tongue: