Prepositions used with the verb "covered"

Hi, I’m not sure exactly when, but during the last ten years or so, especially in the media, when anyone says “covered” the preposition they use is “in” instead of “with”. Examples: dirt, dust, water, blood, tatoos, etc. I have looked in the dictionary and there is three quarters of a page dedicated to the word in and I fail to see that use of the word described!
Is it me (I) or is there some conspiracy?
Thank you, B Beyer

Covered can be followed by at least three prepositions: by, in, and with.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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what’s is the difference between (covered in ) and (covered with)

i read it before but can’t remember for sure

what i remebmer is that ( covered in ) means (so – sth) was covered in something by nature.

and covered with the oppsoite

ex: cats are covered in fur

but i found that ( the mountain is covered in snow)

so , what’s is the difference < please ?

“Covered in” and “covered with” are generally interchangeable.

no difference in meaning at all ??