Prepositions used as adverbs

Hi everybody,
Sometimes prepositions are used as adverbs.
For examples:
About as preposition :
Tell me all about it.
About as adverb :
He is about 30 years old.
Could you please give me some more examples for other prepositions.

  • Three strikes and you’re out.
  • She was called away.

Note that the distinction between prepositions and adverbs is not always clear: sometimes an apparent adverb can be interpreted as a preposition by assuming that words were left out:

  • Three strikes and you are out [of the game].

I am also not entirely sure whether the prepositions in phrasal verbs count as adverbs.

Historically, it is often thought that all prepositions originated in adverbs in Proto-Indo-European (the common ancestor of all Indo-European languages such as English).