Preparing for the TOEIC test?

Hi,Torsten Daerr: Thanks anyway,infact I fell nervous for my poor English,I didn’t understand well enough about all the meaning about your website,and I have no mind to take any exams just like TOFEL or others,my little daughter and I like English very much ,we’d like to travel EUROP or USA or other countries two years late,or we can see all the film in English just like ,and read all the English books …that’s our goal…but the beginning is too hard, I’ll pay more time for your lesson, and it’s so good to have a teacher such as you,I 'll try my best…I can read with dictionary,but I can’t say English well, and I couldnt listen English well or write it in right way…this the true level for me …THANKS AGAIN ! sally

TOEFL listening discussions: A conversation between two students (2)