could you pease tell me how can i use BE PREPARE in a sentence?i am confused whether it is be prepare or be prepared?

You do not use “Be prepare”.

If you use is, am, be, etc. you use “prepared”. Also, use “prepared” if you are referring to the past.

Examples of “Prepare”:

I will prepare my things for the trip.
I will prepare for tomorrow’s test.
Will you help me prepare dinner?

Examples of “Be Prepared”:

My things are prepared for the trip.
I am prepared for tomorrow’s test.
We prepared dinner.

Thanks a lot but Ihave to meet a friend of mine this evening and I have to say him be prepare because I am coming.So I just want to know should I say Be PREPARE or BE PREPARED?

Please read my post again. Specifically this part: “If you use is, am, be, etc. you use “prepared”.”

You are using “BE”. You need to say “be prepared because I am coming”.

Thanks again. My mistake!