Prepare Barron's GRE Word list using mnemonics!

Mnemonic Dictionary is very useful for preparing Barron’s word list.

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have you guys tried for preparing Barron’s word list?

unlike ordinary dictionary this dictionary not only gives you meaning of words but also a key mnemonic to retain that meaning of words for long time in our memory.

An example from Mnemonic Dictionary :

Word – abase

Meaning – lower; degrade; humiliate; make humble; make (oneself) lose self-respect

Mnemonic – abase means without base and without base things fall down – so degrade (just imagine a house without a strong base)

Just see how easy it is to remember meaning of abase using mnemonic.

I didn’t bother with Barron’s…too long a list, and you’ll hardly see any of those words on the real GRE. I used Word Smart for the GRE instead…much better list, and it has tips for creating your own mnemonic devices. That site is really handy, though, thanks for posting it!

Wow, a new thing for me…I am still newbie in learning the requirements of GRE. Thanks a bunch for your helpful post amit_aggarwal. :slight_smile:

Hey amit, tis link will be of great use to remember difficult words. thank you.

thnx amit

Hi friends,

Reading many examples of the word being used will help you remember it. According to the web , making up your own examples can also improve your memory of words by 670%.

There are many examples at

yea, it kinda helps remembering the word more. thanks.

ya i agree too,but how to find list of words with mnemonics?can nybody help me please…?

Yes agree, there are lots of other way , that each individual finds easy to learn, like picture dictionary. Its easy and fun.
Check out following link