Preparation for GRE test

He was a man of few words, ــــــــــ around all but his closest friends







Any one can help?


“A man of few words” means he doesn’t talk much. Even if you are not familiar with this idiom, I think you should probably be able to figure that out. So here we are looking for a word that means someone who doesn’t talk very much. A quick dictionary check should bring you to the correct answer!

This is a common question format in the GRE - you will be looking for either a synonym or an antonym of a word or phrase given in another part of the sentence.

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Yes GRE and that what I am working for and the reason for asking is that I am preparing for the test…, Actually, I know the meaning of the sentence but the problem is I’m not sure which answer is correct because of the choice are really synonymous and confusing. So I think the answer is ( A or D )…, oh, you’re welcome

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Hi, I have to apologize, I thought laconic meant “lazy”, but you are correct in that it means using very few words. Thus, the answer is not as obvious as I thought! Our misunderstanding I think comes from not having the actual instructions - this is what the instructions say:

“You will be given a single sentence with one blank and six answer choices. Your job is to select two words from the answer choices that best fit in the blank.” So you are correct, the answers are A and D.

Sorry, I feel like I sort of failed you in my first answer - I hope you will give us another chance and continue to post questions!

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Its ok …, it happens sometimes. thank you for answering my questions and yes I have another questions to ask the same as one before tow answers to choose

When selena brought home the irascible puppy, her more quiescent dogs were rattled by their new ________ housemate.

A) pugnacious
B) languid
C) bellicose
D) juvenile
E) diminutive
F) phlegmatic

Iam skeptical between D, E or A,C

You are right, this one is pretty tricky. I think it is more likely they are testing you on your knowledge of “irascible” than your knowledge of “puppy”. So I would go with the synonyms of irascible, “pugnacious” and “bellicose”. Furthermore, it is not the fact that the new puppy is so young that is distressing her quiet dogs, it is the fact that it is so aggressive.