Predication Subjunct

“She is really an intelligent child.”

Dr. Quirk says that “really” in that sentence is a predication subjunct.

Would you please explain in simple English what that means?

Thank you.

Hi James,

I posted something about this here.


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Thanks again, Amy.

Hello, Amy.

I asked this question at four helplines, for I feel that a serious student should get all the answers that he can. On one helpline today, a veteran poster (probably THE veteran poster) admonished me for asking the question. He discovered that I had posted this question on another helpline (NOT the two you work on) and told me that I was wasting his time. He said that he was not being paid to answer questions. I guess that he felt the other helpline had given me THE answer, instead of AN answer. Of course, I kowtowed him to him: he has the power to ban me.

I surely wish everyone were as patient and respectful of students as you are.

Have a nice day! (Unfortunately, mine has been ruined.)

Thank you, James!

I agree with you that getting more than one opinion is often very helpful. Even if the opinions are basically the same, the wording and/or the approaches to the explanation will differ. Or one writer may include more info than another, or include a very helpful link.

It appears you’re still hard at work on gathering info about the various ways of using and parsing ‘really’. You must have quite a lot of information at this point.

Cheer up. Don’t let that one response get you down.
I wish you a pleasant evening today along with an inordinately happy Tuesday. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Amy, for your comforting words.