Potato or ghoughphtheightteeau

Would you believe that English spelling rules are, contrary to all evidence, rather sensible? I know, I know, you need a good proof of this. Well, I’ve got one: it’s the word ‘potato’. It could very well have been spelled ‘ghoughphtheightteeau’, but it’s not. See? Things can always get worse…

Another proof is ‘ghoti’ for ‘fish’:

Say that again: How does GHOTI become FISH?

Hi Conchita :smiley:

I’m afraid I’m mentally exhausted today, so I was forced to google the explanation of ‘ghoughphtheightteeau’.

Interestingly, the word potato has been associated with a former American Vice President for years now. I can still remember the field day the media had when VP Dan Quayle “corrected” a 12-year-old child’s spelling:

12-year-old child’s spelling: [color=blue]potato
Vice Presidential spelling: [color=green]potatoe