Post Subject (meaningful subject line)

Hi English-test net Team!

First I like to thank you! I joined this site in last April and have a lot of satisfaction with using this and getting supported be you! Thanks again! 8)

But I weren?t a human being if I don?t have to complain anthing or to make suggestions about what could be done better in my opinion! :wink: So here is one suggestion:

In every post you give the possibility to add a post subject. I think that is quite a good idea and rather useful. Some of you use this opportunity and others don?t do. The only point that seems to could be done better is the size of the line. I mean reading a post I myself have to do it twice:
-first: to get the text
-second: to get the sense
So if I would read the post subject first perhaps it would enable me to have an other view on the post and it were easier to understand at the first sight? Unfortunately I often oversee the post subject and I?m sure the doesn?t happen to me only. But if the post subject would be written in bigger letters like a headline that might be helpful. Or do you have other experience?

By the way, how does the link to another topic at this site work? Have I to insert the whole site adress?

Thanks for listening


Hi Michael

This isn’t really an answer to your post, I just wanted to test the subject line since I don’t think I’ve used it before… :shock:


Hi Michael,

Many thanks for your positive feedback and your useful comments. Let me speak to Slava about the headline question to see if we can highlight the subject line even more. It’s very good you have mentioned the subject line because as Amy said, most users are not aware of this function. It is a very useful tool to make the navigation on the forum easier.

So, when you start a new topic, please think of the subject line first. Describe your topic as clearly as possible. So, for example instead of writing ‘Help!’ you could quote part of your actual question in the subject line. This means a moderator or any other user can see immediately what your post is all about without opening your message.

As for inserting links, you can simply copy the entire URL (address) into your post and it will work as a clickable link.

More on this soon and keep those suggestions coming in.

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Hi Torsten!

Please, don?t feel pressed hard! But I liked to know if there is any progress regarding my suggestion about the subject line?


Hi Michael,

Thanks for reminding me of your suggestion, I’ll pass it on to Slava to see what we can do about it.


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