Position of ONLY: I drink milk only vs. I only drink milk vs. I drink only milk


I’d like to know if the three sentences are grammatically correct and if I change their meanings by changing the position of the adverb.

I only drink milk
I drink only milk
I drink milk only

thank you!

As they stand, they all sound correct and synonymous to me, Raquel.

Hi Rachel

I agree with MM.
However, since the word ‘only’ can be very troublesome, you might find thisinteresting to read, too.


Thanks a lot!!

Hello Raquel,

The way i see it:sentence1 & 3 seem more natural…I’m not sure. :?



How about ‘Only milk do I drink’? :slight_smile: In this case, shouldn’t I omit the ‘do’ here even in spoken English?


Hi Haihao,

Your sentence:

sounds either dramatic or poetic and wouldn’t be used in everyday conversation.