Position of Adverb in sentences

I aslo have a following question in TOEIC test" Since Takahashi attends afternoon classes, he_______ the night shift" Answer: A.will be always working B.will always be working C.will be working always D.always will be working
I chose A because adverb is standing after Verb Be and before normal Verb But the right answer is B. Can you help me explain Why?

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Concerning the Position of Adverb :
-the adverb can be the prefix of a sentence such :

Interestingly,he survived from the accident.
-also it can be put before an adjective such:

He was internationally famous.
…the real rule: if an adjective came after another one , so the first adjective must be turned adverb.
-the normal use of the adverb is after verb such:

I did well.
-the adverbs of frequency are always before any verb except verb to be such:

I always wake up late
I’m always late for school
-the normal adverbs can be put before the verb to focus on the adverb such:
A:what do you think we should do to decrease chemicals in the fruits?
B:as far as i’m concerned,the answer is not to continuously spray the land with chemicals.
((That’s all I know about adverbs))

abOut that sentence i’m really confused about it … !! i’m going to ask my teacher about it ^^
but I think always and the adverbs of frequency are before V.to B if it’s the main verb in the sentence , !! :slight_smile:

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Thanks all of you so much about your explaination!
Yes. It’s so confused for me in this sentence. Or maybe the question of this sentence is wrong? I dont know! I think so!
Thanks anyway!

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  1. You told us that the correct answer is B: will always be working.

  2. So I think that I can tell you the reason:

a. will be working.

b. “working” is the main verb.

c. “will” and “be” are auxiliary (helping) verbs.

d. The rule: Place the adverb of frequency after the FIRST auxiliary:

will ALWAYS be working.

  1. Yes, you are correct: place the adverb of frequency after “to be.” But you forgot the second part of the rule: IF “to be” is the MAIN verb:

a. He is ALWAYS early. (“is” is the main verb)

b. He will ALWAYS be working. (“be” is not the main verb)


Thanks James so much! I really got clear explaination!

Thank you for your kind note.