Popularity of plastic surgery (Please check my essay)

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Plastic surgery has become very popular, especially among women. Discuss the reasons for this.

Throughout the history, people have always given an importance to their images. Because of this, people have created different ways to make their images more beautiful. For example, they have used lemons and eggs for their hairs. In addition, when look at today’s world, plastic surgery is the most preferable way, especially among women. Undoubtedly, there must be some reasons of the popularity of plastic surgery today.

First reason is that plastic surgery is the most warranted way. Like said above, people have always cared about their images. Although there have been numerous ways to make people’s images more beautiful, most of them are old. Makeup, use of the dermatological creams and plastic surgery can be given as examples of today’s ways to be more beautiful. When these ways are examined, it can easily seen that plastic surgery is more warranted than others. Because makeup is the temporary way and dermatological creams are the long range solution, plastic surgery is more popular, especially among women. Also, unlike makeup and dermatological creams, plastic surgery is a permanent solution. Therefore, because plastic surgery is the most warranted, it is very popular.

Another reason is about people’s economies. Nowadays, all people know that plastic surgery is very expensive way. According to the recent researches, many people spend thousands dollars for plastic surgery. If look at this picture, plastic surgery must be less preferable way normally, However, it is not. Even though thousands dollars are spend for plastic surgery, fact that it is still more logical way than other since similarly other ways, which are mentioned above, are not also cheap. All companies, which product dermatological creams, sell their productions for hundreds dollars. If this situation and use of more than one creams are thought, it is seen that there is no different thing between plastic surgery and use of dermatological creams economically. As a result, due people cannot spend hundreds dollars for other ways throughout all their lives, plastic surgery has become very popular today.

To sum up, plastic surgery has become very popular, especially among women for two main reasons which are that it is most guaranteed way and economy.

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