Police have...


“Police have advised motorists to take extra care on the road.”

Is it also correct to say “police HAS advised…”? (The word police is singular.)

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Nope, “police” is always in the plural.
So, “police have adviced” is correct.

It’s a common misconception to think that “police” is singular by the way :)))

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needs plural.
Majority etc

All need singular. If you feel confusion, please see Barron’s TOEFL suggestion book.
Again British (rule) differ(s–USA) slightly here sometimes or sitution may prevail in a sentence.
Also see American all grammar books they follow this ways. British follows Plural for
country, like, India win 2 goals etc, but the USA will say India wins—etc.

Police - plural.
No confusion.
No difference between US and UK.

I am not saying anything, grammar books are saying so.

Please check your grammar books again.

There is a misunderstanding somewhere and you are spreading it.

Police + noun = singular
police force is…
police man is…

Police = plural
police are…

Barron’s TOEFL suggestion book says---------collective nouns-----police is doing so, etc.

Cliff’s TOEFL suggestions says same.

Plough for the British system, but plow for the USA.( I am showing here US vs.Uk
English diffrerences only sometimes)

Oxford dicrionary says------police have—collective sense.
As once I had participated in both of the TOEFL and IELTS, I am much more careful here, and I am usually watching these.

I am nothing spreading anything rather exact matter, you all should keep maintaing
gentleness as I do try always.

Never mind, I am fond of English grammars! It is not my profession rather it is my keen interest that is much more strong as said B. Russel, a British philoshoper.

I’m not sure why you seem to want to mention plough/plow as we are talking about the usage of ‘police’. I think you misunderstand what the books say.
I can’t make sense of the rest of your message, so I have to disregard it.