She would be a perfect model with that poise.

why not: with this poise?


Well, it could be “with this poise” – it all depends on the context and how much “distance” (physical or figurative) there is between the speaker and the person with poise. For example, if the speaker is standing next to the person with poise, and is demonstrating with some gesture how that person has poise, then “this” would very likely be used.

I should most respectfully suggest: “She would MAKE a perfect model with SUCH poise.”

Hi James, but in your sentence ‘a model’ doesn’t mean: fashion model?

Thank you for your note. I’m sorry, but I do not understand the question. If someone says “You look like a model,” I think that s/he means a “fashion model.”

which question don’t you understand James?

I am very sorry, but I really do not understand the idea that you wish to express in that sentence above.

Do you wish to say: Doesn’t a “model” in your sentence mean a fashion model?

And my answer would be: Yes.