point out the mistakes

  1. How was your sleeping yesterday?
    1a. Did you have a good sleep yesterday?
  2. He is trying to look cute to make himself escape.
    2a. He is trying to get away with it by looking cute.
  3. Why don’t stay more time here?
    3a. Why don’t you stay a little longer?
    Please point out the mistakes in the above sentences.

Here are my suggestions

  1. How did you sleep yesterday? (It looks as if Luschen forgot to remove the ‘r’.)
  2. Why don’t you spend more time here? (Again, an apparent typo.)

Thanks Beeesneees, I must admit that I am known to say “How was your sleep?” sort of like “How was your nap?”, but said in the morning. I am pretty sure it is because my mom says it. I suppose it is not officially correct though.

Also, looking at it again, it really would not make sense with the “yesterday”.

You are definitely correct about the missing “you”.

“He is trying to look cute (for getting)/(to get) away with it.”
Is this sentence OK?

He is trying to look cute so that he can get away with it.

‘to get’ is just about possible, but not ‘for getting’.