Plural or Singular: The economics of our budget are all wrong.

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[color=blue]Are these senteces correct?
a. The economics of our budget are all wrong.
b. His politics are wrong.

Noren Lee

No, they are both singular in careful English. Nevertheless, you will hear people say these.

Dear Mister Micawber,
Thanks a lot for your reply. Actually, I consulted these in some of the Encyclopedias; they say both are right, I mean plurals. But the words “Politics”, “Economics”, “News”," Mathematics", “Measles”, 'Ethics" etc are singulars. Some of the examples are:

Politics makes strange bedfellows.
Economics is studied in most colleges.
The news from Pakistan is disturbing.
Mathematics is an interesting subject.
Measles is a bad disease.

Anyway, once again, thanks a lot for your opinion. I am now clear about such words and their usages.

Noren Lee
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The economics of our budget are all wrong.

this is a correct sentence. “Economics” may sometimes take a plural form depending in its context. “economics” in the sentence refers to the aspects or facts of the financial health of the budget. so this takes a plural form of verb. whereas if it is the subject or the discipline “Economics” takes a singular form of verb

same applies to “politics.” Politics in your sentence should take a singular form of verb

From my on-line dictionary
Economics ~ the way in which trade, industry or money is organized, or the study of this

In my opinion, “economics”, “news”, and some other similar words can take plural or singular depending on the context.

Economics of my country has collapsed. (singular)
Economics of these two countries are pretty different. (plural)

I doubt if “economics” should be used with “the” if the plural is used.
The economics of these two countries are different.
The economics in capitalism and socialism could be/are/ different. (plural)


‘The economy of my country has collapsed’ is the correct way of writing your first example.

‘The economics of these two countries are rather different’ is perfectly fine with the definite article.