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Compare and contrast the state universities and private universities in your country. Which one do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples.

University is a tremendous opportunity for people who graduate from high-school to broaden their horizon , but choosing a university is really an issue. There are two kind of universities and they are state universities and private universities .These sorts of universities have some similarities and differences due to a plenty of reasons as following statements . 

There are numerous similarities of these kind of universities .  Firstly, both the state universities and private universities provide approximately similar campus life for the students. For instance, all universities have their sports centers , libraries and some buildings to the activity clubs for the students .Like the private universities , the state universities have excellent lecturers . Although, the private universities’ lecturers’  salaries differ from the state universities’ lecturers’ , they teach same thing with the same quality . Last but not least , both have same education system. For example , in order to graduate from these universities they require four years for bachelor’s degree in my country .

Despite their similarities , they have also some important differences which make them special . In the first place ,  we can consider  the differences of the tuitions between these universities . For example ,  State universities are more convenient than the private universities due to their tuition differences for middle class of people .  The state universities’ graduate students must find a job with their searches .  On the contrary , the private universities offer their students some jobs after graduating or while graduating . Although , both provide a lot of facilities for the students , private universities facilities provides the best and the most quality service for their students.

As a result , the graduate students can choose both universities depending their tuitions , opportunities and offers . As far as I am concerned , the state universities are better than the private universities due to expenses of mine and my budget .

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Hi, I thought this was a big improvement. I think you structure is very good. Your vocabulary is a little basic and you have some poor word choices. You also have a few unclear phrases and some grammar errors. Overall, I would rate this essay a 3.5 out of 5.