pls rate my essay “being creative or planning carefully”

Is being creative better than planning carefully in finding the best solution to a problem?

Being creative always inspire people’s new thought and allow them to come up with new method to solve problem. While planning carefully is also critical in dealing with problem. Actually, if planning prudently at the first place, it would void us confront problems. Therefore, both being creative and planning carefully help find the best solution to a problem.

Being creative spark people’s minds and bring them various and new ideas. Creatively thinking is always mentioned in the newspapers and magazines. Creatively thinking is one of the key words of our time. A man without the ability of creatively thinking, many of us believe, is an unfortunate victim of adverse circumstances. For example, in order to maximum the profit, a CEO of a clothing company is necessary to design a distinct style of clothes ,such as changing the color of the clothes or sewing on big and shining buttons instead of small and gray ones. These new style of clothes may bring a wealth of fortune and ensure its prosperity well into the future.

At the same time, planning is necessary on the way to success. Carefully planning is a requisite part of life and we must weigh all of option cautiously. More importantly, if we make an informed and systematic/ detail plan previously, maybe we completely ward off problems, let alone find a solution to a problem. For instance, the same CEO of the company, who observe and study the fashion trends of clothing one year earlier, do not have to worry about competing with other clothes design company. Make a detailed plan sometimes is really useful in life.

In conclusion, both of being creative and planning carefully can be helpful in life. Being creative and careful plan are two dominant factors of finding the best solution to a problem, I conclude that only when we are creative and plan carefully, we will solve the problem perfectly.

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