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Subjects such as art, music and drama should be a part of every child’s basic education.

Child’s development is a major concern for every parent. Behavior of an individual depends upon the education and cultural values he acquired during his childhood. Admittedly, basic learning do include school syllabus to achieve success. But besides this I believe there are strong reasons to bolster that art, music and drama is also necessary for every child’s basic education.

First, art helps a child to express his feelings and emotions. By means of art, we come to know about the ability and thinking of child. For example, my brother is very good in drawing faces of different persons expressing different emotions .When we were young, we and our friends used to wear mask made by my brother in parties and have fun threatening each other. Moreover, if child realizes his interest in drawing, he might have an opportunity to excel in this field in future and become a great painter.

Second, music allows child to lessen stress and be calm. Learning music not only motivates child but also increase the efficiency of the performance. For instance, once during my eighth grade, I was tensed due to my exam pressure. I had struggled a lot in my mid term exam to come first in class. But, I stood third. Afterwards, my mother advised me to play harmonica each time before going to exam centre at the time of my final exam . Consequently, I was astonished to hear about my first position in my class.

Finally, drama teaches child to be active in his life. It creates a sense of imagination and creativity . One might have different perspective that it should not be a part of child’s basic education , but I am not on the same wavelength with this idea. One reason is , with drama we can educate them about the living styles of different cultures and religions without getting them bored. Furthermore, they can be informed about the qualities of our freedom fighters and their sacrifices. Drama is the medium to motivate and educate children for their well being.

To conclude, art is essential to convey child’s thoughts and imaginations to the public, Music helps to remain content and Drama educates child about different cast , creed and religion. I think that all these three activities should be included as a part of child’s basic education.

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Hi, I really enjoyed your essay. You have a very good structure and your writing is pretty clear and easy to understand. I like your topic sentences, although your transition phrases could be improved. You have some grammatical errors and a few odd sounding phrases, but they did not really interfere with my comprehension of your ideas. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.