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[color=blue]The most important investment for a company is to spend money on improving skills of its employees.

Perhaps no issue in this world could be more significant to a company than making good investments. Considering the fact that it is the employees of high quality who contribute to the company’s progress, I fundamentally agree with the statement, which says, to a company, the most important investment would be spending money on the improvement of employees’ work skills. Actually, such wise investment could bring a company at least two critical advantages.

One obvious advantage is “more customers and mounting profits”. The improvement of employees’ skills could improve the company’s operating efficiency. With more professional skills, employees could handle daily affairs better. Thus, customers would be more satisfied with the services or products provided by this company. And finally, the number of customers and the profits this company could make will increase hand in hand.

The other one is “more talents and further development”. Like children like to be valued by parents, employees also like to be paid much attention to by their employers. In each employee’s heart, there is a will to accomplish tasks wonderfully, and to achieve one’s self-improvement. Therefore, a company will impress an employee a lot, if it could not only concentrate on the profits he make, but also care about his further development. And such humane company will surely attract more talents to come, heading for its further development.

Admittedly, the investments on the other stuff, like working equipment and marketing support, cannot be ignored either. However, without a group of talented employees, nothing could work effectively even if well-equipped.

With all these considerations offered above, I sincerely restate my standpoint that improving the employees’ work skills of a company could be the most important and intelligent investment. In short, “Wish for a promising future? Improve your employees’ skills first.”

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Hi, I think this essay was pretty good. Your structure was ok, but your thesis and topic sentences, which are the most important sentences in any essay, need a little more work. You could use some more specific and personal examples - instead you have quite a few unsubstantiated statements. Your writing skill is pretty good though. You have excellent grammar and an ok vocabulary, although you do have some awkward and unnatural sounding phrases here and there. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.

Thanks a lot! I’ll revise it as soon as possible.