plese check essay. I have Ielts exam on 03/09

Do you agree or disagree with the following extent.
Parents are the best teachers for study purpose.
Give specific reasons and example to support your answer.
Write 250 words in this essay

To a certain extent, I disagree that parents are the best teacher to education young children for academic purpose. However, I also believe that parents play the dilemma role of whatever to give courage for study subjects or make them good person of society. Let’s have a glance at above statement.

At the present, the main reason of why disagree is that modern parents are take away by work, careers plans and some are lack of basic knowledge skills, therefore they can not contribute in young children study skills. Furthermore, schools and colleges play vital role to provide academic and professional thinking abilities, so these institute also help them to give valuable skills of a study field. Which young student can not get at home. For illustrate, if someone want to become a doctor or accountant, he will not be able to learn the specific field skills at home.

Another point is that parents are emotionally touch with their children. They do not give permission to do tasks which are significant to learn for young children. For instance, any tour relate to study. Apart from this children when goes to schools or college, they make friends and learn the important thing which they can not learn at home. On the other hand, parents always thing about bright future of their children give them support in study as well as financial.

In brief, to hammer in the final nail. I would say that children are the future of our generation, as a result both parents and teachers responsibilities are provide them all the supports