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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? When you choose a university, do you care more about its graduates’ vocational development than its professors’ fames?

Today, more and more people got a chance to enter university, when they choose a university some of people care more about its graduates’ vocation development than its professors’ fame. That’s ridiculous, I support that professors’ fame is more important than university’s graduates’ vocational development.

The thing I want to put forward is you could learn more from university which have good fame professors. The high fame of the professor means he or she knows more about the knowledge. For example, my sister who study at a community college before and now transfer to MIT, her major is economic and she told me that the professors in community college are just teach you how to earn money but the professor in MIT tell you the whole world economic not just about the money. Learn more things could help you more on find a good job.

Moreover, a professor can help you a lot in your vocational development. With the economic decline from 2008 it’s more and more difficult for graduates who like my brother whose major is finance to find a job. Fortunately, my brother’s economic professor who is also his advisor worked in City bank before and he offers my brother a chance to work for City bank for 3 month. After got the working experience in City bank, my brother now has easily found a job in an investment bank.

What’s more, although university’s graduates’ vocational development is important, but enter university is not just for find a good job, more importantly, is for study some really this. For an example, after graduate, my uncle back to the university to be a professor and continue his research in new energy, for him, the thing he most care about is the professor and now means his college could give him help on his research, he do not need to find a good job with a high salary in a energy company. The only thing he care is about the research.

In a conclusion, a university with high famous professor could help you learn more, help you to find a good job and enter university is not just for find a good job. I strongly agree with it’s more important to choose school with high fame professor.

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