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I am opposed for this argument that some environmentalists believe that wood-burning stoves are among the best ways to conserve natural resources and protect the environment.
Why I say if the woods are used for fuel for wood burning stoves it means indirectly the trees are axed and this causes to deforestation. How we can say that we are conserving natural resources and protect this environment. Last ten years when the statistics were seen for forestation and it was profoundly reduced by exponential percentage. There are so many countries are facing shortage of wood and rainfall. Africa comes under first in the continent wise in the shortage of rainfall and wood. Due to inadequate rainfall many lands became barren which becomes very difficult to cultivate the crops.

If the deforestation was reduced with exponential curve after some years no trees could be seen. Now the world is facing shortage of woods and in this scenario if the woods are used for burning the stoves this leads to cause of eco-logical imbalance.

This may also cause of shortage of rainfall and disturbs the natural vegetation. One of the biggest disadvantages by using wood it contributes more air pollution which is having big impact on some areas.

Instead of using woods we can rely on natural resources like sun light, cow dung and bio logical resources for cooking. Now almost all developed countries implemented this method to conserve natural resources. By using these methods we can prevent the deforestation and conserve the natural resources.

We can prevent the reduction of shortage of wood by depending on the natural resources like on bio-logical natural resources , solar and energy conservation mechanisms

I have nothing against wood burning but that thing that people forget is sustaining what is being used. If a certain tree is used for personal consumption a new tree must be planted to assure the next generation that there will still be enough for them.