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Hi guys, this is my first time posting in this forum. I would appreciate it if you review my TOEIC essay. Thanks a million
Topic: What makes a company good to work for? Give specific reasons and examples to support your opinion

People have their own opinion about a great company to work for. Personally, I believe that most satisfied employees work for companies with good salaries and benefits. They can also have good relationships with coworkers and be able to take pride in what they do.

To start with, for employees, good companies are no doubt those ones where they can earn competitive salaries and enjoy good benefits package including health insurance, life insurance, vacation payment and so on. A lack of benefits can impact on employees’ productivity at work. According to a recent study, people feel worried about personal lives like childcare, finance, illness and they cannot focus on work. If employees have good salaries and benefits, they can relieve their stresses, maintain their hard work and contribution to the company.

In addition, people tend to engage with companies where they can have good relationships with coworkers. Specifically, one worker cannot take on all of the tasks. Therefore, instead of spending too much time and energy overcoming the problems, coworkers are willing to support them. Also, employees are more innovated and creative because their works are more enjoyable when they connect with those around them. It makes sense that the better relationships are, the happier and more productive they’re going to be.

Finally, rewarding from higher authorities is a meaningful thing that employees really need. Performance appreciation at work plays a key role in creating a professional and efficient environment. Truly, hard-working and dedicated employees need to be recognized by their manager. It not only encourages them to maintain and improve their great performance but also inspires the rest of the staff in the company to work more productively and efficiently. As a result, the company will grow quickly and be powerful.

All in all, everyone has their own criteria for choosing a workplace to work for. For me, I want to dedicate my force to an enterprise which offers sufficient compensation, a friendly environment at work and performance appreciations.


I think instead of working for a company as an employee you should start your own business.

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