Please review my essay

What is your approach of problem- solving?

NOTE** I wrote this essay in 30 minutes ending with a conclusion but lost it when I copied it from the software.

Today, everyone is using the computer for several purposes; one might play games, another might prefer online shopping that saves his time. For me, I think that computer is the best device to solve problems.

First, the computer is a smart technology that can be used in order to solve problems such as scientific or mathematics problems in scientific research just as mine. Moreover, many digital programs are designed specifically to give a 100 percent mistake free solutions. Thus, it introduced an easier dependable and credited approach we have ever used.

Secondly, these computer-designated programs that we could see today in many fields are research friendly to a far extent, not only for its wide applications, but also for reducing human energy and time for other significant tasks. For example, during my master research I used statistical soft program called SPSS that helped me to undergo the required calculations for my experiments, and this saved a lot of time in comparison if I accomplished them manually.

Third, using such smart and easily managed invention had incredibly facilitated our lives. People now could do their shopping online, earn money to sustain their living online, study online, create a successful and strong bounded friendships online as well as enjoying their spare time through the 24 hours available entertainments. All of theses could not happen if we have computer- free live. For me I cant imagine my life without it.

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Hi Loly, I thought your essay was pretty good. There were not too many errors, though you did have some errors in tenses, but your essay was a bit too brief and could have used more detailed examples. Also, the lack of a conclusion, which you said was lost, was a problem. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.