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Talented people’s leadership is born by natural and can’t be learned by people, agree or disagree

After reading autobiography de Steven Jobs, I have a strong believe that talented people’s leadership is born by nature and this kind of success can hardly be copied. However, people can get inspiration from their new concepts and learn from their experiences.
First and foremost, talented people’s leadership inspire people to generalize their successful method. Obviously talented people’s leadership can be only useful in specific circumstance. In result of this, It is not intelligent to copy their process ,but do some research to make our owns achievement. Take Steven jobs as a good example . we learn from him that :in one hand, our product must adapt consumer’s needs; but in the other hand , the company can incite and create consumer’s needs. In this consideration, companies should have our own design and imagination.
secondly and equal importantly, we can learn from their valuable experiences. Talented people and their leadership are both born with hot debates . How can these people survive from other people’s doubts and win the fames ? in my opinion , their precious experience encourage us to insist our opinion and do never give up. Moreover ,their achievement due to the hard works can also be a good example for the young generation.
In conclusion, talented people’s leadership is born by natural . But if we can get inspiration from their achievement and learn from their experience , their natural intelligence can be our good teacher and help us to succeed.

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Hi, I don’t think this was one of your strongest essays. I had a lot of trouble following some of your arguments.


thanks a lot ! I misunderstand the meaning of the subject , i think ! i don’t really understand what dose’ talented people’s leadership ’ . can you provide me some example to develop this topic ? thanks in advance .

I think the problem is that the essay prompt is phrased very awkwardly - where did you get the prompt from? I would rephrase the prompt as:

“Leadership is a talent that people get naturally and cannot be learned.”

Thus, are there only “born leaders” or can one pick up leadership skills through experience and study? The way this is phrased, it would be hard to argue that leadership can NEVER be learned. I suppose you would have to focus on famous leaders of the past and show that most of them never had any formal training. For the opposite you could focus on university classes on management and say how science has studied leadership and management skills, making these available to all.

After reading an autobiography of Steven Jobs, I have a strong belief that some talented people’s leadership is extremely brilliant and this kind of success can hardly be reached. However,Personally , I disagree with the assertion that leadership is a natural talent and can not be learn.
To start with , I think that the human resource course and MBA program provided by university can help people to know better the method of leadership.For example , through human resource course , we have learned how to incite our group members’ motivation and how to organize work and distribute jobs to work efficiently.This knowledge is accessible for all the people and help people analyze , in an academic way ,how to improve our leadership.
In addition , I believe that leadership comes from long time experience and practice.We observe that the leader is, most times, the person who know best their members characters and the hierarchy structure of his or her group or organization. Therefore , they can use this knowledge to incite the synergy of members . This intelligence can hardly born by nature , but with long time practice and experience .
Finally , I feel that the style of leadership can be transmitted from people to people in the same group.Obviously , the leader in a group is consider by their members as a reliable person who is capable to make the right decision and possess a wide knowledge.As this result , the members can learn from their leaders competence and improve their skill leadership in imitating their leader’s comportment.
To sum up , my consideration of the issue that how people acquire the sense of leadership has explored factors such as university education , experience and competence transmission. These consideration lead me to disagree the blanket statement that talented people’s leader is born by nature and can nit be learn by people .

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