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  1. Some people think that the government should decide the subject for students to study in university. Others believe that students should be allowed to apply for the subject they prefer. Discuss both and give your own opinion.

University education plays a key role nowadays in developing of the country. While some people approve of the opinion that the government is supposed to choose the disciplines that students should study, others opine that students have a right to decide their subjects in university. Two different ideas have their merits and demerits which I shall discuss in this essay followed by my opinion.
On the one hand, if the choice of subject depends on government it would naturally take into account the job sector. Consequently, the unemployment rate would experience a downward trend as government acknowledges which sector has job vacancies. It has been seen that many jobs suffering from the lack of labour force and many qualified people without jobs. Therefore, it would strike a balance on the number of people working in various job sectors. Besides, students would decide carefully and certainly what are their career paths.
On the other hand, if the choice of disciplines is given to students, they actually feel comfortable and confident in studying their interests in university. Thanks to the passions of students, they have more chances to excel in their fields and enter the job market without any concern in their field. By contrast, if students don’t like what they learn in university, it would lead to more drop-outs of universities. Moreover, it would instill a sense of responsibility in students because they have to decide carefully their whole futures.
Taking everything into consideration, both arguments have their own pros and cons. I believe that it is more preferable that students can select their own subjects. And the government have responsibility for giving discipline recommendations to them and promote some important subjects by providing funding to those students who take those subjects.