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Hello kitos. Hope my this essay brings smile to ur face. I finally got to know what you meant by punctuation. Hah…ha

some people belive we should never give up in order to achieve a goal. others disagree.

At some point in our lives, we may get to a part that we feel like giving up. I am totally against this action and believe that there are certain reasons to never give up.

Firstly, we need to have goals in our life. Once we get to know we are brought to this life on purpose, we will know who we are and how we can fulfill our dreams and desires. So, we need to listen to our heart, and see what is inside of us silently screaming out of us. In other words, what makes our heart sing. In this way, not only can we achieve success and happiness, but also be inspirations to others.

Secondly, we should learn from our mistakes and failures. Everything takes time to be learnt. For example, learning a new language needs continuous practice, concentration, and efforts. While learning, we can make mistakes, but a wise person is the one who learns from his mistakes. For instance, Thomas Edison failed thousand times when trying to invent the light bulb. He totally considered failure as stepping stones to new approaches and eventually to success.

Last but not least, there is an opportunity in every failure. For example, in my country we are supposed to appear for an entrance exam before entering a university. I studied a lot, but I was unable to get my satisfactory score to study the field I was interested in. Instead, I got an opportunity to study abroad where I could definitely widen my views, look at the world in another way, and enrich my knowledge both socially and educationally, which I could never gain in my country.

In conclusion, every failure brings with it, the seed of an equivalent success. Let’ s Listen to our heart, take advantage of opportunities, and be the change we want to see in the world.

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you have good ideas but you need to revise parallelism carefully

what do u mean by that?

Hi, Leenda! Very interesting topic.

But what about situations when you objectively cannot achieve your goal? For instance, you might be dreaming about joining your national intelligence service. But you’re not eligible because of your ethnicity/religion/parents/color of skin etc. You definitely cannot discard your parents and other relatives. Or you might want to become a sportsman without having good health. These look like overwhelming obstacles. Aren’t they?

Well according to me nothing is impossible.i truely believe in it.

Anyways, I am here to practice my writing skills for TOEFL ibt so at times i do write things against my will to reach the 300 words :wink:

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Is it really mandatory to write 300 word or above ?
Somewhere i read, that its much more important to write effective, cohesive essay with strong arguments, rather than just writing 300 words ?
So, what if I write 250-260 words, is this going to affect my score ?

P.S. You can read about parallel structures(parallelism) in wikipedia.

well murcho it is imp to write an essay with min 300 words and it should be a cohesive and strong essay…

and u better read what i wrote carefully…when i say against my will that does not mean something extraordinary or something that doesn’t exist…
and in toefl ibt u are not going to be judged by your ideas. so keep this in mind!