Please rate this one; Change or same habits?

. Some people enjoy change, and they look forward to new experiences. Others like their lives to stay the same, and they do not change their usual habits. Compare these two approaches to life. Which approach do you prefer? Explain why.
The topic of whether it is better to make changes to our life, or whether to keep on the same track has long been a matter of debate. While many support the idea of taking risks, many believe the key to a more successful, relaxed life is through sticking to routines. This article analyses the ideas for and against making changes in our lives.

Some state that looking forward to new experiments is vital to achieving success ,health improvement, and self-confidence . In other words, taking risks opens up new doors to opportunities, and provides us with a considerable amount of choices to select from. This school of thought firmly believes that looking forward to experiments is what scientific advancements are based on. Modern technologies, brilliant inventions, and revolutions in medical field are direct results of sustained efforts of those who seek new opportunities. Proponents of this viewpoint also support their standpoint on the psychological grounds. They believe that emotional well-being is proportionally associated with the extent to which one is capable of trying out new experiments in life. They support their idea by presenting a great deal of psychological studies which substantiate the positive effects of changing habits in preventing mental illnesses. According to these studies, those with ability to change their habits are less susceptible to mental illnesses such as depression and Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, proponents of this viewpoint state that new experiments build up one’s self-assurance, since he learns how to face the difficulties in life.

On other hand, there are those who argue the constructive effects of sticking to one’s old habits. This group mention that successful people are those who adhere to their routines and never try to modify the stable situations they are in. They believe that a long-term success is attainable if only one masters in what he already knows rather than try different options once in a while. Furthermore, in terms of mental health, supporters of this standpoint project doubts that contradict with the central point of view of the previous group. They firmly believe that mental health would be guaranteed if only one feels relaxed in his life; that is, keeping on with same habits and avoiding consequent stresses of a new situation. Moreover, according to this school of thought, getting out of a habit in a hope of trying out new experiments would inversely affect one’s self-confidence. They clarify their belief by bringing studies that conclude the positive effects of adhering to same habits in boosting one’s self-confidence.

Drawing a conclusion out of the aforementioned arguments, I hold this point of view that one should continue with his old habits. I believe every routine we establish, requires devoting a considerable amount of time and money; on contrary, we can save time and money; two precious elements of our life.

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