please rate my writing (thanks for help)

I want to apply for IELTS test on June or July and I need a help to build my writing skills and to know my weak point to improve it.

I want someone to rate my writing in task 1 which is graph interpretation

the graph found on this site … &Itemid=64

Here is my description to the graph.

The graphs show the relation between the total value of exports , the value of fuel, food and manufactured goods exported between the period 2000 and 2005.

The first graph represents the value of total exports between the years 2000 and 2005. The total exports were 300000 million dollars at 2000. There was a steady decline till the total exports value reach 250000 million dollars at 2002. The value of total exports increased with linear rate till it reach 350000 million dollars at 2003. The trend was then continuously rise into a new peak at 2005.

The value of selected exports over the period from 2000 to 2005 was shown in the second graph. The value of food fluctuate slightly over the period in the range below 10000 million dollars. The manufactured food increase from a value under 20000 million dollars till a peak at 2002 above 20000 million dollars then fell into 20000 million dollars at 2003 followed by a rise to a new peak.The fuel value plunged from a peak value at 2000 to a minimum value at 2005 of 20000 million dollars.

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Hi, not too bad, but you are a little off on some of your prepositions and you need to be more complete in describing all the values. Just a side note, these graphs are horrible - the top graph is mislabeled - it should be total exports. And how can all the individual categories of exports go down or stay flat, while the overall exports have a steady rise? I guess you are not supposed to ask those type of questions though. I think it would score a band 6.

thanks a lot for your help