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Is it important to be a good student or have a good teacher?

Several researches and an overwhelming number of articles in popular press convincingly discuss the best methods to improve educational settings. Although achieving educational success is a multifactorial process, the most important contributing factor is the teacher. As suggested by Carol B. Thomas, a leading education expert, three key dimensions of teacher’s quality; professional certification, teaching experience, and teacher behavior would lead students towards remarkable success.

Researchers support the notion that teachers with academic certificates are well-informed to elaborate the subjects according to the students needs. Moreover, having been involved in the same process as students, teachers with academic certificate are willing to approach problem-based teaching strategy, which is known as the best method of learning so far. According to Chicago university learning survey, eighty nine percent of high school students with high scores have been taught by certified teachers. This indicates the pivotal role of teacher in learning process.

A further point to keep in mind is that teaching experience has a profound effect on student’s success. Researcher are unanimous in that highly-experienced teachers convey their knowledge more efficiently, encourage critical thinking and foster self-directed learning. Moreover, a survey conducted by American Teachers Association convincingly substantiates the fact that students with low grades improve stunningly after they are taught by experienced teachers. The survey analytical results shows that student’s achievement has direct correlation with the teacher’s years of experience.

It is hard to ignore the role of teacher’s attitude in student’s success. Carol. B Thomas, states that even children with intellectual disability would flourish in a pleasant learning environment that the teacher provides. Furthermore, statistics show that students are twenty five percent more eager to study if they are treated with respect in the class, feel supported by their teacher and get motivated to love the subject they are being taught. The constructive role of teacher’s behavior in gaining success should not be overlooked.

To put it in a nutshell, teacher plays has the key position in students achievements. By providing their academic knowledge and experience and creating positive learning environment, teachers can lead students to the culmination of achievement.

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