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Topic: contrast and compare the way of life between your parents and you.
Which way of life you think is more satisfying for the future generations.

It is easy to perceive that there are many discrepancies between the different generations. My parents and I also have the generation gap.

These days, young generation tends to have more chances to do what they are interested in than the older did. With the rapid development of our society, there are many significant changes in the way of thinking, which leads to the elimination of many obsolete thought. In the past, older people usually had rights to decide carreer, passion or even marriage for their children. However, nowadays, young people are more active and they could have choices more freely with the less pressure from their parents.

Additionally, young children have many more favourable conditions to develop. In the past, people had to worry about war, food and diseases, so they tried their best just to meet the basic needs. Today, my friends and I are completely supported with many techonogy in both our studying and lives such as computers, modern transportation, especially Internet…etc. Moreover, society always creates a optimal enviroment for young generation to gain their successes.

In my opinion, the current life is the best enviroment for people to live. No one can not deny the important of many traditional value existing in the life of older generation. However, the current life can provides people with the more comfortable and meaningful life. They can have more free time to enjoy the beautiful life with the help of many auto machines in working and modern technology. Moreover, there are many interesting kinds of entertainment which they could not find in previous time such as suffering the Internet, travelling around just in a second with a plane or many outside sports.

In sum, there are always some differences in the way of life between my parents and me. Despite of my admiration of the traditional life, I believe that my current life is more satisfying to the future generations.

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