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What is your approach to problem solving and how does it work for you? Use details and examples.

Solving problems is our everyday bread. We face many problems during our lives and we are looking for the strategy how to deal with them quickly and easily. Our problems could relate to work, school or relationships and if someone tells you that he does not have any problems, he is not honest and probably has even more problems. Everytime I have a problem, I try to follow these three steps.

First, there is really important to identify correctly the problem because if you try to solve a problem which is unclear to you, then there is a high possibility that you will not be able to solve it. For instance, when I went with my father to our cottage in the woods, our car got broken. My father was going around the car and telling my hudnreds of options where could be the problem. When I told him that we should look at the engine and identify the problem, he said that there is no need for that because the smoke which goes from the car is because of the high temperature and that the engine got basically overheated which does not worth repairing it. I just agreed with him and we continued to our cottage without repairing the engine. Next day, my father visited the car service and they told him that there was a serious problem with the engine and breaks and that we could killed ourselves. Fortunately, we did not but according to my story we can clearly see why it is important to precisely identify the problem.

Second, you should look for the causes of the problem. Why to do that? Mainly if we find the cause of the problem and eliminate it, we actually find the solution of the problem. I can talk again about the problem with our car. If we had looked for the causes of the problem, we would have probably find the real danger and repare the engine immediately or just call someone for help. We can conclude that after you identify the problem it is important to find the cause and eliminating the cause could lead us to the solution.

Third, it is neccesary to encourage yourself to solve the problem. This advice sounds maybe ridiculous but it is important if we face a problem or situation which endangers our live or live of the others. In my view, the people who are capable of encouraging themselves and they are ready to solve a problem or situation like this should be really appreciated. For instance, one of my friends was the only one who picked up enough courage to jump for a man who was drowning in a river. While the others were just standing on the bank of the river with their open mouths. I really appreciate this attitude and I really emphasize the importance of this third step.

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Hi, I think your writing was very good. You had a good structure, although a conclusion would be a good addition - I suspect you were running out of time. Your grammar was very good, but you had a few awkward sounding phrases and a couple of sentences that were not entirely clear to me. You vocabulary was pretty good, but you had some incorrect word choices and misspellings. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

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