Please rate my 3-rd essay

Do you agree or disagree with following statement: Face-to-face communication is better than other types of communication, such as letters, email, or telephone calls.

Thanks to development of technologies such as Internet, cell phones and other devises communication between people became more easier and faster. Although connection through such tools can be perfect in some cases, for example, when somebody is far away from home or work and needs to be always in touch with family members or colleagues, using email and making cell calls can the best solution to fix small things. However, it is fair too that in other cases such type of communication will not work properly because people need their own presence. In this view, I support the idea that face-to face communication is better in comparison to other types of communication like post, Internet or cell phones for a few reasons.

First, I would like to provide a personal example. I have a friend of mine who lives very far from me and I didn’t see him for ages. To be honest, I even did not suppose to get any news from him because few last years he was very busy with study and work and as a result of this we lost connection between us. Fortunately, few months ago we suddenly found out each other on Facebook and rebuilt our connection. We even had made several calls to each other after that. This illustrates that such kind of communication as Internet and social networks can be real good tool for searching and finding people you have known before. However, I consider this as just a first stage of connection that should always lead to real or face-to-face communication. Because there is no sense to send emails or making calls if you never plan to see and talk to a person in reality. Returning to my personal example, I can say that we agreed to meet in few months after my graduation and talk in real about all those things that happen during last years. Nor email neither call can replace real communication.

Second, I would like to present another personal fact. I always talk to my mother by cell phone because we live in different cities and do not have opportunity to talk in real often. By phone we can just discuss general things, like health of another family members, my study achievements and job plans. However we never talk by phone about my feelings or my fears, something that is really personal. In this case my mother always says: «Ok, it is not a phone conversation, you better tell me about it when you will come». Or if we discuss something and we don’t agree to each other position only face-to-face conversation can erase all arised misunderstandings.

Given these personal facts, I am sure that such types of communication as letters, emails, calls are indispensable tools if someone is trying to rebuilt previous connection or support the existing level of relation. But only face-to-face communication can create real emotional complacence between people, to strength and develop their relations.

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