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Each student has particularly methods to study. Some students prefer to study alone. Others prefer to study in a group. Both of choices have advantages and disadvantages. However, I cannot eat my cake and have it too. Therefore, if given the choice, I choose the second one: study in a group. It causes several reasons I will describe below.

First, studying with friends could help students learn faster and saving time. When studying alone, students must go throughout entire long process to gain all knowledge they need in order to successful. Nevertheless, when working together, instead of reading numerous books, students in study groups just ask questions to fill their own gaps. Otherwise, no two fingers in a hand are same, there are many solutions for a questions from members in group. Rather than deliberation in stuck way when studying alone, students can share their own ideas and figure out the best way to solve questions. For example, two years ago, I was self-study. However, the result was not like I wished. Therefore, from last semester, I decided to study with my friends. We studied together to solve many thorny problem in subjects such as math or physics. Unbelievably, my result increase out of my sight and importantly, I do not spend all of my time for studying. Now, at leisure, I can take part in extracurricular activity or doing housework. In fact, studying together not only brought us benefits on time and efficiency but also relationships and friendships.

Second, studying with friends is the great opportunity to gather new study skills. As far as I am concerned, each student has unique study methods. By joining a group, students have perfect chance to observe a wide variety of study methods. After pondering these methods, students can filter quintessence and improving their own study. To continue the example above, when working in group, I have learned lots of skills in my friends such as speed reading, communication, collaboration, accessing, analyzing and synthesizing problem, etc. Consequently, there can be no doubt that studying together leads students a plenty of important skills to enhance their own study as well as preparing for the future.

To conclude, from these advantages and the result I obtained in the past, I strongly believe that it is sagacious when choosing to study in group.

TOEFL listening lectures: Why does the professor mention the weather at the beginning of his lecture?

Hi, your writing is not too bad. Your introduction was very weak, but your body paragraphs were much better. You had some good personal examples, but even more of these would be better. Your vocabulary is not too bad, but when using difficult words, make sure to use them correctly, or you will be hurting instead of helping your score. You also had quite a few grammatical errors and awkward sounding and/or unclear phrases. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.

Introductions always make me so confused. You have any ideas to improve my introduction? Please, give me a hand.