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Books vs experience

Reading books is no a novelty for people nowadays. Since the beginning of the century more and more people prefer to read instead of playing sports, cooking a food, watching a movie; in order to have a general knowledge, to be more erudite, and to improve their vocabulary. Therefore it is a kind of interesting to examine the reason behind.
First all, reading books help people to know about different topics. When you finish school or college you have learned or dominated about a specific area or knowledge. For example lawyers know just laws, architects know about houses, teachers know techniques to teach; that is why, lawyers, architects, teachers, engineerings must read about different topics. Accordingly they will be able to have a nice talking with other professionals.
Secondly, people who like to read have better opportunities to get a good job. Big companies always try to select their workers carefully. They interview their future workers many times; usually, in these interviews they ask about different topics your life, your religion, your wishes, problems in your country (if you are foreign). For this reason people who want to have a good job must read a lot; inasmuch as they will be prepared to answer all kind of questions.
There is no doubt that people who read a lot have better vocabulary than those who does not read anything. According to a research study performed by an american university, people who likes to read use adequate words, consequently they have a good speech. For example when you learn a new language the first step is to read books, because you will be able to understand words in a context.
All in all, if all the facts are contemplated we can easily reach the conclusion that reading books have many advantages, because you will have a nice talking’s with your friends, you will be able to be hired by a big company, and your speech will improved a lot.

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