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Some people think that scientists make the most important contributions to society. Other the people think that the contributions of artists are the most important. Which position do you agree with? Give specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

No one can denies the importance of science in our era, specially that almost each part of our life has too much changes thanks to the brilliant scientists, even we can not imagine life on the Earth in the past centuries or even the few preceding decades. However, we can not enjoy living without artists who add a tasty essence for human life. Accordingly, I could not hold a partisan attitude to one of them, and I would say that both have equal importance.
First, this outstanding technology we are using through cell phones, TVs, computers, internet, medical equipments, kitchen electrics, cars, airplanes, and so on are all of emphasized importance to facilitate daily activities and of course can not be neglected. Comparing our life after airplanes invention travelling was a challenge by domesticated animals and still certain places were not easily reached, but now one can travel around a whole continent within few hours easily and even safely. For this scientists play a vital role nowadays.
Secondly, artists also are so important for keeping our life balanced. Most of us if not all after finishing work would attend a concert to enjoy listening to alive music, or simply would watch a movie on the TV. Even when we visit different countries, we would to learn about different kinds of arts represented in museums or watching various types of dance. All of these important entertainments are played by artists and are very important not only to make our spare times enjoyable but also to flourish our minds and enhance our souls.
Finally, both of artists and scientists are important for each other. Scientists are ordinary people who need to enjoy their times by watching a movie, reading a novel, or listening to music. On the other hand, artists need the new technology made by scientists; not only for using ordinary innovations but also they need their new technology for the equipments they needed by their work; like the new musical instruments, new dyes, and amended papers. For this both have their vivid role for achieving certain level of equanimity.
To sum up, for all my previously mentioned reasons, however I am a scientist; I have an intermediate position and would not encourage such radical comparison.

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Hi Loly, I think for the TOEFL when they ask a question like this they really insist that you choose one side or the other. I don’t know how much that would reduce your score, but it might be significant. That being said, I think your third body paragraph was very good. It was original and convincing to show how both scientists and artists depend upon each other. You did have quite a few odd word choices though and a couple of confusing sentences.