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Patience is not a good strategy. We should take action now rather than later.

There is a debate whether people should be patient. While some people think patience brings more opportunities, others think patience wastes many opportunities. In my perspective, patience is always a good strategy because when people are patient, they will gain more opportunities; they can make better decisions and they can be more successful.

To begin with, patience means opportunities. Although some may argue that people waste lots of chance when they do not take actions quickly, there will be more and better chance coming if they remain patient. When my cousin who majored in medical engineering graduated from university, he had hard time finding a job and the only job offered to him was far worse than he expected because the company was located in outskirt and the salary was bad. Therefore, he rejected the offer and decided to be patient. It was not until six months later that he finally found a job that suited him, however, his patience was worthy as he earned more than six thousand dollars a day and he has done a lot of achievement in the company.

In addition, if people are patient, they can know better about their situation, and hence make wise decisions. How many times have we heard of girls considering patiently for a long time to marry her boyfriend? How many times have we heard of businessmen waiting patiently for ten years to find a perfect market for their products? How many times have we heard of policemen tracking patiently for several years to identify the suspects? How many times have we heard of scientists conducting thousands of experiments patiently to overthrow the previous theory? Patience means prudence, and many would agree that prudence rather than impulsiveness is necessary when people are making decisions.

Furthermore, patience can leads to success. When an impatient man makes several mistakes, he will choose to give up the attempt. However, a patient man will persist, believing that he will succeed eventually. When Thomas Edison failed dozens of time to find the right material for the electric light bulb, yet he persisted. He was patient enough to conduct thousands of experiment to find the material. When Mendel once planted his pea hybrid in an attempt to prove his theory. He failed that time, yet he was patient enough to expand his planting size and waited nine years for the outcome to prove his theory about gene division. Patience means persistence, and persistence can lead to great success.

In conclusion, people should be patient because if they do, they will have more opportunities; they can make better decisions and they will be more likely to succeed.

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Hi, another excellent essay. I think your essays can be used as models on how to have a crystal clear essay structure, good idea development, and specific, relevant examples. You did have a few errors, mostly towards the end, but nothing that really interfered with my comprehension of your ideas at all. Overall, I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5.