Please help to check my Toefl essay

You have enough money to buy a house or a business. Which would you choose to buy? Give specific reasons to explain your choice.
Purchasing a house or a business when I have enough money is not an easy decision. However, after considering between pros and cons, I will decide to create a business with such amount of money instead of house. With a new business, I can earn more money, experience my life and help many people.
First and foremost, setting up a new business will be my chance to make more profit while a house can not earn. The house is obvious a great property but I cannot take any revenue on it a part from renting. To be honest, I do not feel comfortable when I have to share my house with other people. On the other hand, a business can earn money in the future. There is no denying that when you have a wise strategic to invest on business, you will earn more money. After having money, I can afford not only one but two or more property.
The second reason why I choose to buy a business is it can provide me with a lot of new experience that I may never undergo with a house. In order to develop my own business, I have to be skillful at plan, time, financial management as well as communication and negotiation. These skills cannot be learn if I buy a new house and enjoy my lifetime with it. Moreover, I can encounter with a lot of talented businessmen who are not only good at manage their business but in-depth in their knowledge. How could I meet these people if I am always stay at home?
Last but not least, I strongly believe that with my business, I can support for my community and contribute for the development of my society. I know that if I buy a new house, my life will be better. However, I find myself more useful and happier if I can help other people who are suffer difficulties in their life. With my money from my business, I can do volunteering or donate for a charity fund to make my community better.
To sum up, a house can be useful for me in the short-term but cannot make my life better in a long-term. I will set up a new business if I have money in order to invest for future and experience my life as well as help other people around me. I think that is the wise choice for those who are in the same situation like me.

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