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Topic 8: Do you agree or disagree with this following statement? Television has destroyed communication among friends and family. Use specific reasons and examples to support your idea.

I believe television is not the factor destroying communication among friends and family as many others’ belief. Most people think television is a choice when we want to relax or need to collect information. A lot of television programs now are ways for us to express our emotions to friends and family. Furthermore, we can also watch the same favorite television programs with friends and families when we all have free time. Therefore, television doesn’t destroy communication among friends and family.
Firstly, television is necessary and important when we want to relax or need to obtain information. A lot of channels and programs provide us a huge amount of entertainment and information. It is also a very easy and cheap way and still effective for us to relax or learn. Moreover, when you have free time and everyone is busy, television is a good choice to spend time. The fact that almost families have at least one television is (an) evidence proving the role of television in our lives.
Secondly, you can use television to show our emotions to friends and family in a special way. There are some programs support(ing) the audience by gathering their expectations to someone via emails, letters, phones and messages. Then they show them on television programs. This is a good choice for you if you are far from home or family and wish them to be happy and surprised. Communication among friends and family is kept in touch through distance.
Lastly, we and our friends or family can spend space (spare) time watching our favorite programs together. Of course we are all interested in some channel (s), programs, actors or actress and can have topics of chatting about these interests. That is not all, we also can enjoy the shows together and our communications are much better. Imagine how cosy it is when we sit in front of television with our family at weekends, watch comedy and talk about everything! In some countries, when the parents are too busy, these moments are really precious.
In conclusion, with all the ideas above, I believe television doesn’t destroy communication among friends and family, it even makes us and friends or family closer.

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