PLease help me !

Hello teachers :)while i was answering some questions to know my english level ,i got “advanced” i thought i would score more than that I found these questions the hardest.I wasn’t not sure of my answer so I came here seeking your help :slight_smile: please help me solving it and thank you very much :slight_smile:

1)We can’t get there by 3:00 pm.there is ………time.
B)too little
C)too little little
D)too few

2)This is the cat …….i saw.

3)I ………working at night nowadays.
A)used to
C)am used
D) would

4)The man ………in the corner is my boss.
C)is sitting

5)that’s the …of my worries,it’ll never happen.

6)…but i realized what he had done.
A)little did he know
B)little known
C)little he knew
D)little knowing

7)he wrote the programme …,he didn’t need anybody’s help.
A)by his own
B)on his own
C)on himself
D)by his ownership

8)…thinking that he would win the lottery.
A)there was no use
B) it was no point
C)it was no use
D)it was usefulness

A) that’s an attractive leather brown coat.
B) that’s an attractive brown leather coat.

And what are your answers? Post them and a teacher will correct them where needed.
Also, number 9 seems to be missing the sentence. And in number 2 option B (which I presume is “that”) is missing as well.

Welcome back to the forums, Fairygirl. It seems to have been a while since you’ve dropped in. I hope things are going well.
‘Advanced’ seems very good to me.

As Tort says have a go - let us know what you think.

Hi Tort - I think number 9 is complete and you have to choose the one with the right order of adjectives. It’s possible that (2) option B is deliberately blank, to indicate that no word should be inserted into the sentence.

Makes sense! I must have overlooked these possibilities.
Let’s wait for Fairygirl to have a shot at it.

Thank you very much Beees for welcoming me ,i am happy to come back here to my sweet home :slight_smile:
Yes,Tort i should have answered it …about num (9) its as beeees said…i have to choose one of the two …here are my answers for every question…
(1) few
(3)I don’t know the answer.
(6)little did he know
(7)by his own
(8)there was no use
(9)that’s an attractive brown leather coat.

when i chose these answers i don’t know the grammatical rule of it but i chose it by feeling i mean i felt it relate to the tune of the sentence and this is how i answers such questions ,i mean theses questions which seems ambiguous to me .
Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

1 - B too litle time. The word ‘few’ is never used with ‘time’ as a whole - only with the units of time (few minutes, few days, etc.)
2 - Actually I think most people would use ‘which’ about a cat, but as that isn’t an option my choice would be nothing: ‘This is the cat I saw.’ I wouldn’t use 'who’or ‘whom’ with an animal. However ‘whom’ would be correct if you were speaking of a person.
3 - I am used to… To be used to something - to be so familiar with it that it doesn’t seem strange. Read more here (scroll down to the usage notes).
4 - You are correct.
5 - the least of my worries (the smallest of them.)
6 - None of them are great but you seem to have chosent he best option.
7 - on his own. - compare with ‘by himself’ himself needs the preposition by. his own needs the preposition on.
8 - It was no use.
9 - You are correct.

Thank you very much ,Beees :slight_smile:
why in the question (8) “it was no use” because i was hesitated between the two but i chose “there was no use” i don’t know whats the difference between the two.Also in the question number (3) i would choose “i am used to” but in the options there is( am used )only without the preposition 'to" that’s why i got confused…may be they forgot to add the preposition (to)because it has no other options,right?

Hello Fairygirl,

I think it is likely that in everyday use you will hear both ‘there’ and ‘it’ in a context such as question number 8, however ‘there’ is the best answer because it relates to the ‘use’, which does not usually carry the pronoun ‘it’. I have to admit that this choice is based largely on native speaker ‘intuition’ (for want of a better word) though.

My brain automatically added the ‘to’ to question number 3, I didn’t even notice it was missing - but it is the only possible answer, so you must be right that it was accidentally omitted.

Thank you thank you thank you very much Beees :slight_smile:

That is too helpful .I always come here whenever I want any help ,indeed and without and exaggeration ,this is the best forum i have ever seen :slight_smile: i wish you all success and i love you soooooooo much .