Please help me to explain the meaning of "Professional Designations"


Can some one please help me to explain what is Professional Destination on an Application . Can you give examples. Thank you very much!


It seems to be an odd way of talking about your professional goals or career goals. I wouldn’t use this term. Where did you read it?


I agree it does sound odd. From my experience both as interviewee and interviewer, I am familiar with a question like - How do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?


Thank you, Torsten and Alan. I am doing an application, and Professional Destination is one of requests to fill in.

Hello Alan, Is Professional Destination is what work I did in the past?

Can I answer like this:
Teacher/Researcher/Former head of the Department at a University/ Manager

Now I am working as a manager at a company.

Thank you!


Dear Torsten and Alan,

Here is the Application where I read Professional Designations (Sorry I made a mistake before, designations, not destination).

First Name:
Last Name:
Professional Designations:
Organisation (if applicable):
Later, the application also requests to fill in about Statement of research interest and Biography.


Hello Alan,

Is Profesional Designations what I did or what professional certifications I have had so far?

Thank you


Yes, your professional designations are your certifications.


Thank you, Torsten!
Please kindly tell me if I can name certifications of workshops, courses or only certification I earned after graduating the university like BA certification and PhD certification?

Best, Hoa


A professional designation can be any certification you obtained from an institution or organization. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an academic degree such as a BA or MBA.


Now that we know it should be ‘designations’, that’s better but I still find it a strange expression to use on an application form… I would simply state - Professional qualifications.


Thank you so much for your help!

Wish you all the best!


You are welcome, we hope you keep on posting your questions. :+1: