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Memorization of information by frequent repetition (rote learning) plays a role in most education systems. Do the advantages of this method of learning outweigh its disadvantages ?

People who have the capability of reciting a long text or poem in a short time would be recognized as a talent in China centuries ago. Till nowadays, this ability is still a significant part in modern education system in China and students are required to memorize tons of information by frequent repetition. Although some people deem that it is the most efficient way for pupils to learn knowledge, I do not agree with their view to some extent. And my arguments to this point are listed as follows.

To begin with, students cannot become an excellent one by memorizing information only. It means that memorization is just one of the most important parts in the learning process. Other parts, for example, analyzing the information, summarizing the data, drawing a conclusion and thinking creatively are significant to an efficient learning as well. Therefore, if we pay excess attention to the memorizing part, others will be underestimated and even ignored. And pupils will have a cramming study for pass the exams. It is definitely not the primary aim of education. So the repetitive remember of information is supposed to be not over encouraged.

However, it does not mean reciting information is no longer necessary. Despite people paid more and more attention to the creative thinking recently, information remembering is still the basic step of the learning progress. Students could not do any analysis and summarizing if they cannot remember the data exactly. Therefore, they would draw no conclusion and the creative thinking is impossible as well. So it is important for students to do reciting at first. Then they would do better job in the future learning.

Based on all the arguments offered above, it can be seen clearly that reciting is a must for learning, however, learning does not equal to reciting. Therefore, we should remember information firstly, and study other things later.

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